5 -1 - 6 - The Comparative Efficacy of Endoscopic Versus Microscopic Approach in Myringotomy with Ventilation Tube Insertion


Objectives: This study aimed to compare the outcomes of myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion when performed using endoscopic-assisted devices compared to the same surgery when performed using the traditional microscopic method. Method: A prospective trial approach was chosen in which 26 patients were involved, was used in this study of tube placement. Patients were separated into two groups with 13 patients each: (1) Group A and (2) Group B. Group A patients underwent myringotomy and ventilation surgery tube insertion using an endoscopic device, while Group B underwent the same surgical procedure using a traditional microscope. Both groups were assessed after one week of the surgery. After that, the patients were assessed monthly. Results: It was found that both methods are safe and achieve satisfactory tube placement; however, there was a significant statistical difference in the time required for the procedures. In the endoscopic technique, the average time was 9.9 ± 3.7 mins, whereas the average time in the microscopic method was 10.3 ± 5.7 mins. The endoscopic method required less time compared to the traditional microscopic method. Conclusion: Endoscopic myringotomy and ventilation tube placement requires less time than the traditional microscopic method. The endoscopic method enables the surgeons more to visualize the entire ear canal and tympanic membrane; thus, better surgical outcomes could be achieved.