5 -1 - 2 - Dental Students Awareness Towards Research at King Khalid University, College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia


Objectives: To evaluate the attitude toward and knowledge of dental research among dental students in a teaching institute in Saudi Arabia. Methods: This study was conducted at the King Khalid University College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia, from July 2018 to January 2019. A total of 137 final year dental students and interns were provided with an online survey questionnaire designed in English and Arabic. Results: Ninety (males, 64; females, 26) students and interns responded to the questionnaire. More than half of the participants showed a positive attitude towards the importance of research and its incorporation in the dental curriculum. However, the majority of the students and interns demonstrated limited knowledge about research activities. Conclusion: The students and interns in this cohort demonstrated moderate attitudes towards and limited knowledge of research. The provision of intensive training and adequate support in research activities at the undergraduate level may help improve the perception of dental students towards research.