4 - 2 - 3 - Patients’ Perception towards Comprehensive Model of Dental Care Delivery at a Teaching Institute of Saudi Arabia


Objective: To evaluate patients’ perception and satisfaction with regard to the treatment provided by final year dental students enrolled in comprehensive care courses at King Khalid University College of Dentistry Clinics, Saudi Arabia. Methods: A total of 120 patients (mean age, 28.3 years; age range, 15– 57 years) who underwent comprehensive dental treatment provided by final year dental students were enrolled in the study. A questionnaire designed in English and Arabic was employed, and the level of patient satisfaction was evaluated using a five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5 (strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree, and strongly disagree). Results: The majority of the patients (>90%) appeared to be satisfied with the attitude, cheerful disposition, and competency of the dental students. More than 75% of the patients were satisfied with the manner in which the procedures were performed (painless and adequate infection control). Nonetheless, a proportion (25%) of the patients was dissatisfied with the time taken for the treatment procedures and facilities provided at the hospital. Conclusion: Most of the patients were happy with the services provided by the final year dental students at the clinic. However, addressing issues such as waiting time, appearance of waiting area, and time taken for the dental procedures may help improve the perception and satisfaction of the patients with regard to the services provided at our college.