Replacement of missing anterior teeth is of utmost importance for esthetics and function. Fixed partial dentures (FPDs) are the most commonly used prostheses but are usually associated with failure either due to faulty fabrication, inadequate retention, or negligence in maintenance by the patient. During fabrication of new FPDs, transitional prostheses have an important role in providing esthetics and function to the patient. The aim of the current work was to provide adequate esthetics to a patient during the treatment period. During the transition phase of fabrication, a new fixed partial denture, patients should be provided with an interim prosthesis. In this case report, interim prosthesis was fabricated using acrylic resin. The contours of existing fixed prosthesis were duplicated, and an unconventional interim prosthesis was fabricated in single-visit for a young adult female patient with failed anterior fixed partial dentures. Step by step treatment was carried out to fabricate the interim prosthesis for the patient. The interim prosthesis fabricated was clinically acceptable. After insertion of the prosthesis, the patient and her family were satisfied with the esthetics. During follow-up as well, the patient was satisfied with the prosthesis and did not show any discomfort. The unconventional approach for the fabrication of an interim prosthesis used herein for a young adult female patient fulfilled the requirements of the patient and successfully protected the tissues during the fabrication of the final prosthesis.