3 - 1 - 4 - Periodontal health knowledge and oral hygiene behavior among non-teaching staff from Taibah University, Madinah, K.S.A.


Objective: This study was aimed to assess the periodontal diseases awareness and knowledge among non-teaching staff at Taibah University. Material and Methods: This is a questionnaire based cross sectional descriptive study conducted on 450 non-teaching staff (250 male and 200 female) at Taibah University. The questionnaire composed of three parts, socio-demographic, periodontal health knowledge and oral hygiene practice. Results: The periodontal health knowledge were high among females (87%) compared to males (75%) P=0.01. The staffs that were visiting a dentist regularly every 6 months had more good knowledge (91%) P<0.001. There was a significant relation between periodontal health knowledge and tools of cleaning and times of cleaning teeth P<0.001 as well as the participants who got preventive advice had significant relation with the periodontal health knowledge P<0.001. Conclusion and recommendation: The female participants were having high level of periodontal health knowledge and awareness. The staff who were regularly visiting a dentist and cleaning their teeth two time a days with cleaning tools had more periodontal health knowledge. Oral health educational programs and aids, like leaflet written oral hygiene instructions, educational posters and lectures, are needed in the campus of Taibah University.