2- 2- 3- The Prevalence of Self-Perceived Halitosis Among A Sample of Young Saudi Females Residing In Abha - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Objectives: To determine the prevalence of self-perceived halitosis among a group of young Saudi female patients residing in Abha- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Materials and Methods: This is a cross sectional observational study, an electronic questionnaire was formulated using Google Forms Application, which included 30 questions enquiring factors under investigation. 373 young females residing in Abha responded to the questionnaire. Age range of subjects was (18-45 years). Results: 51.3% of study participants reported self-perceived halitosis, 82.2% of those felt it the most after waking up. 71.9% of those who reported self-perceived halitosis discovered the problem by themselves, 19.6% were told by family or friends, 87% of them never visited a dentist to be diagnosed, 80.9% reported trying to solve the issue without referring to a dentist and 19.1% received a dentist prescribed treatment for halitosis. Conclusions: The prevalence of selfperceived halitosis in our study population is higher than other populations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dental health care seeking behavior needs to be focused upon, as less than a quarter of the study participants consulted a dentist regarding their halitosis complaint. Further studies are needed to correlate the factors investigated in this study with self-perceived halitosis.