2- 2- 1- Knowledge Regarding Use of Oral Hygiene Aids Among Dental Interns in Saudi Arabia


Context: Toothbrushes with dentifrice are the most widely used method of selfperformed
mechanical plaque control. Plaque removal exclusively by tooth brushing is
difficult in critical inter-dental areas. Several inter-dental cleaning aids have been
developed and are available like dental floss, toothpick, uni-tufted and proxa brush.
Aims: The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge regarding use of oral hygiene
aids among dental interns in Saudi Arabia. Setting and Design: The present study is a
cross-sectional questionnaire based study. Methodology: A questionnaire with 12
questions focusing on the application of different oral hygiene aids was developed to
assess knowledge among dental interns. Six schools were randomly selected for the study
and intern dentists were included in the study. Statistical Analysis: The collected
responses were analyzed for descriptive statistics. Results: A total of 393 (87.5%) out of
449 dental interns participated in the research. The mean knowledge score was found to
be 5.45±1.71. The maximum and minimum score obtained was 10 and 1 respectively.
Overall, majority (59.5%) of respondents were found to have average knowledge
regarding oral hygiene aids. Knowledge in good and excellent categories together was
found in only 27.3%. Conclusions: The knowledge regarding use of oral hygiene aids
among dental interns was found to be inadequate. There is a need to emphasize
significance of maintenance phase of treatment especially by self-care measures. Further
research regarding