2- 1- 4- Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Male Medical Students in King Khalid University, Abha


Objective: To assess the knowledge of male students about STDs. Study Design: This cross-sectional study was conducted in King Khalid University after taking the clearance from the ethical committee using a self-administered questionnaire. Results: Around 31.13% participants knew that a person who has genital herpes must have open sore to transmit this infection whereas 21.85% students aware of its trans-placental transmission to baby. Nearly one third (32.45%) respondents gave the correct response regarding the HIV transmission through a person carrying STDs,Whereas 21.19% knew that there is no vaccine for Chlamydia. More than half of the participants 54.97% were aware of Human Papilloma Virus. Nearly one third the students (28.48%) had knowledge that having anal sex increases a person's risk of getting Hepatitis B and only 22.53% were aware about the vaccine that can protect from Hepatitis B.
Conclusion: Academic activities like workshops, seminars and quizzes about raising the awareness should be organized by the experts and encourage the students to make effective participation.Adolescent health education programmes focused on STDs should be included in medical curriculum.