1- 2- 2- Attitudes and perceptions of community pharmacists to antibiotic dispensing and microbial resistance. A study in Aseer Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Purpose: The aim of this study was to study and explore the attitudes, perceptions, and dispensing habits of community pharmacist about antibiotic usage and microbial resistance. Material/Methods: It is a descriptive study conducted during April 2015 - July 2015in community pharmacies located in multiple places of Southern region of Saudi Arabia. 120 pharmacists were selected randomly and were invited to participate in the study by structured interview answering the question in the questionnaire. Results: The results of the present study included from both the chain pharmacies (n=84) and single pharmacies (n=36). Most of them had a Bachelor of Pharmacy (80.8%) and few had Pharm.D. (19.2%) degree. Attitudes related to the problem of resistance were attributed external responsibility, to patients, to physicians, to other pharmacies. Some attitudes were identified that could lead to antibiotic dispensing without a prescription. These were commercial interest and pressure from the patient. Conclusions: To conclude the present study, the community pharmacist had positive attitude towards improving antibiotic use and bacterial resistance. However, we are of opinion that strong regulation coupled with education intervention both to the pharmacist and public would be the way forward to tackle this issue of fight against antimicrobial resistance