1- 1- 2- An Adjusted h-index: A New Recipe to Evaluate the Researcher’s Productivity


To present an equation that will solve some of the problems related to the utilization of h-index in researcher’s evaluation. Methods: Adjusted h-index TOTAL = (Ad h-index1) + (Ad h-index2) + (Ad h-index3) and so on till (Ad h-index N) (N = Number of last publication). (Ad h-index1: for the First (1) publication); (Ad h-index1) = (A1)*(B1)*(C1)/(D1); A1 = H –index of the journal where the publication (1) had been published; B1 = the number of citations for publication (1); C1 = {(number of authors +1) – (order of author)}/(number of authors for publication 1); D1 = 1 + current year-year of publication (1). Results: The obtained results enlightening the superiority of the new equation to furnish the appropriate recognition to a scientist. Conclusion: The proposed equation will solve many of the problems linked to the h-index.